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6th Grade Electives Explained

6th graders are able to choose Band, Choir or AVID as their elective. If a 6th grader does not want Band, Choir, or AVID, they will be placed in one of the electives listed on the "Electives" link above. The only electives 6th graders are not able to take are Spanish and Leadership (those are solely 7th and 8th grade electives). It is not possible to allow 6th graders to choose an elective other than Band, Choir, or AVID because we need the flexibility of having 6th graders being able to be placed anywhere to make our scheduling process work. The 8th graders have 1st priority when scheduling electives, then the 7th graders, and the 6th graders get placed in electives that are available.

Mission Hill has great electives programs and teachers.  Your student will gain a valuable experience no matter what elective class they have as a 6th grader.


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